As Melanated Startup, Watch Out For These Hard To Crack Problems


Yorbing Staff Wednesday May 15, 2019

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There’s not a single presence of African Americans in Trump’s Trade talks with China and the consequences are dire. Against African Americans “interests”, if there’s one. The Trade Talks does not address the proper representation of American companies, its strictly whites-only and its downright wrong. U.S. Trade Talk does not include diversity and must be boycotted. It harms vulnerable U.S Startups businesses.

By Paris Milan, Youtuber, May 4, 2019

The reason is simple, Whites put themselves over and above everyone else and they put themselves first by first themselves and their interests and what will make them survive in a successful orbit of their world.

Population wise, they number 10 to 1. Their population numbers the highest and close to Asiatics in the world. The saturation is overwhelming and discouraging. Other less populated races seems subsume by them. In business circles, nobody beats whites. Just look at the U.S. trade relations with Asian countries, do you see Black America?

I mean people can complain forever but these successful Black moguls are just towing the line.

White Americans purposely exclude African Americans from important trade talks, either with Asians or E.U trade bloc. The world never see Black America negotiating talking trades or business or even in the all-important Agro business in Africa.

Secondly because of money- the almighty dollar. The chase for a lifestyle with money makes it hard not to discriminate or act in groupism.

Lack of African American presence in trade talks on behalf of the U.S. speaks volumes. Meaning Black American does not belong to the elite forces in the Whitehouse or trade talks. Not even with Mexico.Black America is completely subsume about their trade networks or companies. Their potential to trade with whoever they want to, is in dire need. As if they dont belong in the atmosphere of the trade talks. It harms African Americans themselves, directly and undoubtedly.

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