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Yorbing Staff Monday July 1, 2019

*Featured: WGN News, Chicago, Feb 2, 2019

I feel like my days are numbered…but I shouldn’t trust or hope in other people for validating me, or I will become a slave to people’s opinion…Some men sacrifice a person with a good heart, a good woman, for a person with good looks. Or something that looks good but not necessarily is good…

First Statement: Isabel Cofie
Second Statements: Breeny Lee
  1. How to make sales
  2. How to make money in order to save for the future
  3. Find a way to make money no matter what. have several streams of income to avoid shocks of not having enough or can barely make it.
  4. Pray to The Lord for mercy to solve the particular problem, it can be money to launch the project or to move on in your designs or internet advertising to get sales.
  5. Expect from the Lord, something will come through
  6. Expect failure
  7. Ask yourself, where do you get money from? And save them.

Heels Off UK:

Show support By Des Reen, Youtuber.

Self love advice By Breeny Lee, UK.

And some perfectionism beaters to encourage for sanity…

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