Harnessing Skills For Collaborations & Solid Expansion

By business casual

Yorbing Staff Wednesday July 3, 2019

Out of the strong, came something to eat…Samson, The Bible.

*Featured: Business Casual, Aug 3, 2018 ‘Smartphone’

How to expand a startup with skills and expand with the right connections. Ready for a Black revolutionary? Now a startup brand might feel like startupish and questionable and with a threat of a younger, impish startup that upends your ideas. What do you do? Waiting to launch? Is your startup an incubator? You can go big or small but fast. Remember, the competition is fierce. Dear Lord, give me my own Roelof Botha, a venture capitalist, or a Patreon Sponsorships. Or simply put, piggyback on Youtube as a mini, mini ad for close associates.

Youtube as a Global Advertising platform By Business Casual, Nov 5, 2017

Tech: A smartphone startup story By Business Casual, Sep 15, 2017

Business Casual, ‘Lamborghini’: a traditionalistic startup company.

A plaintiff look at historical success, American Dollar startup story and see bankers as startupers with ideas. Mostly culled up from old Europe continuum and painfully male. They hold us hostage and it must end. Those bigwigs in Washington DC and Wall Street do not give us the fat enough to work with, fast. We need money in our pockets. Either the narrations need to stop lionizing the ‘epochal’ Dollar money like typical western fashion or leave. This is nothing but patriarchy and turgidness. Did they decentralize money making or money distribution? Then the Feds still struggle with the monetary management and covers up with that fact. The number of Board of Governors is either too big or lacks the distributory innovations for the 21st century.

Business Casual, The Fed’s Dollar empire.

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