Nigerians Repatriated From South Africa

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Yorbing Staff Thursday September 12, 2019

*Featured: Ruptly, Sept 11, 2019, Youtube.

South Africa’s own history and attitudes towards neighboring countries citizens fosters its own lack of absorption of trading partners on the continent. It’s own institution is racist, for some, to its own hurt.

Channels Television, Nigeria:

Video: Channels Television, Sept 12, 2019, Youtube

Al Jazeera English:

Video: Al Jazeera English, Sept 12, 2019, Youtube

Even previously on Adeola Fayehun the same problem persists in South Africa:

Video: Adeola Fayehun, April 26, 2015, YouTube

But the problem still persists…eNCA:

Video: eNCA, Sept 11, 2019, Youtube

Even Zimbabweans Dance to Nigerians great music so what is this xenophobia with South Africans? You cannot enjoy the same people’s product and despite them at the same time. Why, are you monsters?

Video: Lynsey Lynn, Jan 12, 2019, YouTube

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