Obama’s Speech & How Republicans BlOCKED Every Piece Of Legislation

Yorbing Staff Friday August 9, 2019

Discrimination is scrambling for perceived scarce resources for, first, oneself then family then group affiliation in a common understanding of ‘first come first served’ belief system. Its reasoning stems from survival instincts. Diversion of resources to militarization caused many especially young upstarts to fall promptly into poverty. U.S. is overburdened with many obligations that doesn’t need be and gets lost along the way. Dont screw us up, we are tired of shenanigans. Republicans blocked every piece of relief programs that Obama proposed so he wont succeed at his presidency and lose elections.

*Featured: FriendlyAtheist.patheos.com, Aug 6, 2019, by Yorbing.com.

And Fox News haters reply…note how beet-red the presenters faces are…The Young Turks, Aug 7, 2019

Republicans BLOCKED every legislation possible…and they used this system as a force to be reckoned with and as a majority within the political wranglings. It was war per say. Why claim to love something yet destroy its peace?

Obama’s speech By Political News Networks 101, Aug 7, 2019, Youtube.

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