Oppenheimer Does Not Represent south Africans in America

Oppenheimer German

Upon looking on Oppenheimer’s pages online, we dont see a representation or holdings of south Africans natives, it doesn’t even hint at it. What message are they specifically trying to give to south Africans? Oppenheimer is Germanic, its roots are in Germanic west Europe. There is no way Oppenheimer or their family recognize south Africans. Its all above the natives. There is not a hint of humility of south Africa. Their accolades are lily white and male. The idiots has a sister, Mary Slack. Forbes.com gleefully profiles Nicky Oppenheimer & family at $7.6Billion as at Sept 12, 2018. Oppenheimer sold his 40% stake in diamond firm DeBeers to mining group Anglo American for $5.1 Billion in cash in 2012. Whites newspapers gloat about his worth and daredevilness. The Brits call the patriarch, ‘Sir’ Ernest Oppenheimer. There is no honor or respect for south Africans, its all about their worth. Nicky Oppenheimer sadistically sits on the Council of Foreign Relations.

There’s no problem if European Americans hit Europe’s program because they are structured seamlessly to suit all white countries across the world, especially west Europe. There is no problem to connect America to Europe by currency, schooling or anything. But its done to Diasporan Africans’ hurt. DeutchBank, and UK banks roam freely on Wall Street, but not a whimper of Ghana Cedi or Nigerian Naira or Liberian dollar banks line the streets in New York. And this will go on forever if not stopped. We will be poor.

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