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Yorbing Staff Wednesday May 1, 2019

“Pinterest promoted pins are another way to get exposure for your website, products and business.”

But as a startup business, do more legwork than involving in unnecessary costs when you have not been supported by your webhosts and natural flow of the net searches.

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However, how does Pinterest’s worth of making my advertising on its board site worth it? They claim 200 million users monthly but how do they make money. Pinterest is compared to its peers, Twitter and Facebook and Snap. However its shy on an about face, straight honest reply as to how a per per click on ads helps businesses to grow. Graph by MIT and Wall Street analysts. Image from Forbes and, Accessed May 2, 2019

If Pinterest is worth $30Billion then it has nothing to do with little us. Its a Patriarchy largesse. Go play!

Unless you pay, really for the ads:

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