South Africans Have Strong Misgivings About Foreigners

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Yorbing Staff, September 5, 2019

*Featured: Plus TV Africa, Sept 4, 2019, Youtube.

South Africans seems to hate having foreigners dwell in their countries and yet want to migrate and feel welcomed in other people’s countries. I’m sure they’d want the countries they go to, to treat them well, and yet they sit idly by and their countries men kill shoot, intimidate and try to expel foreigners from their communities. It’s wrong.

According to Nigerians and other African nationals living in South Africa, there has to be a policy of understanding of what traveling and trading in South Africa will entail, after all, Africans have to trade and live in each other’s countries to make economies successful.

Video: eNCA, Sept 5, 2019, Youtube.

And Al Jazeera:

Video: Al Jazeera, Sept 4, 2019, Youtube.

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