The Fear of Failure When No One Buys Your Product

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Yorbing Staff Saturday May 11, 2019

Reminder, instead of signing up and setting accounts on social media platforms and pretty much give them your startup money, try to sell your products also. These platforms are raking in millions of money as they are advertised as social media and charge drips of fees from you.

All thses fees and charges add up to thousands of dollars without selling a single item. What do you do? When it seems there’s no floodgate of customers coming to your site, how do you stay afloat? How do you get that first sell?

Your product has to be a high volume but also be mindful of the environment.

Ask your hosting company what else they do to cross announce your site to others. I tried with Pinterest but they wanted me to pay a fee for it.

Its email advertising.

Word of mouth and family referencing and your personal canvassing. Give samples out to people to try.

Depending on your product you can give samples out.

Its might take longer for people to make decisions to buy, due to any factor they face to purchase, just keep stocking your inventory and make it attractive and inviting for people to feel wanted.

Talk to a lot of people and direct them to your site.

Ask for advice. Tell your friends on Facebook about your site. Are you introverted? Well! Attend your product seminars, and functions in your area.

Dont sweat too much, sale might come sooner than you think. Just be prepared and ship fast.

Add a cute something, something to sweeten the sale, for the first 15 customers and you are done.

*Featured By kim Dave, Youtuber.

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