UK Consistently Shows Extreme Prejudice & Hostility Towards African Scientists

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday June 11, 2019

Why is a small island nation like Britain using its currency to ‘wield influence’? Hostility towards Africans is pretty severe in UK. Maybe its time to refuse British people visas into any business conferences to African countries they are interested in to attend.

*Featured: The Dr. Mumbi Show, Nairobi, June 11, 2019

The Guardian, “Prejudices Home Office Refusing Visas To African Researchers“, By Harriet Grant, June 8, 2019

The Home Office is being accused of institutional racism and damaging British research projects through increasingly arbitrary and “insulting” visa refusals for academics.

In April, a team of six Ebola researchers from Sierra Leone were unable to attend vital training in the UK, funded by the Wellcome Trust as part of a £1.5m flagship pandemic preparedness programme. At the LSE Africa summit, also in April, 24 out of 25 researchers were missing from a single workshop. Shortly afterwards, the Save the Children centenary events were marred by multiple visa refusals of key guests.

There are echoes of the wider hostile environment across the Home Office, with MPs on a parliamentary inquiry into visa refusals hearing evidence that there is “an element of systemic prejudice against applicants”. In a letter in today’s Observer 70 senior leaders from universities and research institutes across the UK warn that “visa refusals for African cultural, development and academic leaders … [are] undermining ‘Global Britain’s’ reputation as well as efforts to tackle global challenges”.

The system is so difficult to predict or navigate that meetings, including conferences funded with British government money, are now being held in other countries. Melissa Leach is director of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. She told the Observer that the constant suspicion faced by applicants from Africa is undermining global collaboration.

“The UK has just committed to investing heavily in the Ebola outbreak in DRC [the Democratic Republic of the Congo]. Here at IDS we are leading a major collaborative research programme to look at efforts to avoid big pandemics.

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