Websites Might Not Bring You Sales, People’s Referrals Can

people matters

Yorbing Staff Tuesday May 7, 2019

NPR Market Place, My Economy, By Bennett Purser, May 7, 2019

Image: NPR

Rosemary Abrami moved to the Valley of the Sun in Arizona with her husband when he became the rabbi at the local synagogue. She was retired, Jewish and her new community didn’t have a university, which had always been her main source of work as a book binder.

But what the area lacked in higher education, it made up for it with old bibles. Her business, Abrami Bookbindery, was back.

With the help of the people at the LifeWay Christian bookstore, a national chain with 170 locations, she became known as the town’s go-to bible repair woman. The store referred all customers in need to Rosemary, sending her 85% of her business. LifeWay became her lifeblood. Then, the company announced the closure of all brick & mortar stores. The impact on Abrami Bookbindery was felt immediately.

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