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    $100B Vision Of Japanese Korean, Masayoshi Son


    Jan 11, 2019
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    Questions for startups: What’s your profit margin? How big can you grow and how fast can you grow? How can a venture capitalist help you grow fast?

    WNYC Money Talk January 11, 2019

    Tech companies are rapidly shaping our lives — often in ways we do not even realize. Artificial intelligence and automation are transforming sectors from manufacturing to transportation to real estate.

    One of the people creating that future is Masayoshi Son, the founder and CEO of the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. In 2016, through the company, Son launched the $100 billion Vision Fund. According to a report from Bloomberg, that was greater than the entire US venture capital industry in 2016.

    By directing huge investments into tech startups such as Uber, WeWork, Slack, and many others, Son hopes to accelerate technological advancements, whether the rest of the world is ready for it or not. 

    This week on Money Talking, Charlie Herman talks with Katrina Brooker, a senior contributing writer at Fast Company whose profile of Son and the company is the cover story for the magazine’s February issue.

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