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    Adversary of Africans

    Why do they have to mix with us so much? The murmurings and dislikes, the trippings here and there and the betrayals, the snake under the sad pillow. Everybody wants…

    Is Kantanka Helipcopters Under Threat?

    Language in Ashanti* Documentary Those with the financial wherewithal are able to quickly get into the market and offer their products while those who are financially strapped but with better…

    An Important Subject: Will It Work? See For Yourselves

    Working on two aspirations, China’s and Africa’s, on a long term view.

    Global Trade Zones, Trademark for China, to Benefit Well into the Future

    I hope that China’s efforts will also put food on their table. Its gives Chinese graduates and aspirants to travel for opportunities in Africa.

    Compassionate China

    New China TV is one of the few documentary tv programmers that narrates the Africa-China partnerships authentically. China’s achievement in Africa is great and fast eroding the long annoying and…

    Angola’s Sorrows and China’s Role in Rebuild

    Angola experienced an intense slavery trauma and a long protracted wars.

    A Fight to End European’s Tight Hold on south Africans Resources

    The long protracted impoverishment of native south Africans on a large scale and the unequal treatment of their people caused Julius Malema and others to speak strongly against this injustice.

    Railway Legends, China’s Legacy in Ethiopia

    Africa-China relations

    Ghana’s Kantanka vs Germany’s VW Plant Proposal

    After Ghanaians and Nigerians have suffered to build their own fleets of cars, Europeans again comes to seek to unseat Kantanka. Europeans manufacturers and their governments are truly unashamed embarrassment.…


    A school is built in Qinghai Province and named Congo-China Friendship Primary School. An earthquake hit the place and Congo government donated RMB16million to rebuild the primary school. Check CGTN…