5G Fight Between U.S. And China And AT&T’s Fake 5G



Yorbing Staff Thursday may 23, 2019

Dont do that to the poor pussycat, no, no, no, no, no...you may one day become that poor pussycat ~nursery Rhyme.

Because Chinese company (Huawei) is Chinese many governments (in the west probably) do not trust how secure it is going to be (like Russian gas to Europe, say).

U.S. probably, might not have leverage over it and its simply a power struggle. They are used to their influential technology and dollar power over other countries, especially in Asian countries. Lay an egg, and it will be whisked away to some London or Brussels vault. Noah sums it up as..”job, money and power..”.

U.S. problem is mediavalism and racism that is so endemic in western societies. This should have been a piece of cake, except that, westerners societies are fraught with division and racial stratosphere, no one touches their technology except them. It has caused deep divisions and suspicions among the diverse populations of America and in Europe. China wins. This is westerners’ self flagellation. A spoiled brat that has destroyed Black people’s chances, blocked opportunities and pretty much squelched people’s futures. That’s today’s western strategy to stay in control. Does it work? Look at Kantanka Cars.

Nancy Pelosi said it will take a prayer. Which God are they praying to? Jehovah? Jewish Sobibor?

They even fake the employment numbers to make politicians look good. U.S. is in deep recession and never recovered.

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, May 22, 2019

Newsy, May 21, 2019

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