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    A Repeat of America and Land for whites only


    Sep 26, 2018
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    Obama as a president needn’t have face this truth or he would have been dead but south Africa’s Julius Malema went straight to the point about land grabbing of whites everywhere on earth. Its not only south Africa but in America, central America, south America- pogrom in Argentina – Brazil strategically mapped out, Congo mapped out. And now the same Germanic Angela Merkel is in Accra coaxing Ghana president to bring in VW plant (after almost 200 years of ignoring and insulting Africans, in particular. When they got their breakthrough in industrialization Africa’s citizens were monkeys, now its time to make VW Great Again. Julius Malema said pointed and truthfully and economically sound, that without land his people are nobodies. This type of land grab has systematized poverty for indigenous populations specifically where whites grabbed lands – native America reservations, Aboriginals, Africans including Namibians, south indigenous Americans throughout their continent and some part of New Zealand. The same whites doing the same thing over and over again. These unfortunate groups experience land dispossession and therefore generational poverty hence their strange self-loathing and weakened demeanor. It created wealth and stability for their classes and wealth for their kingdoms while the victimized groups starved and stayed perpetually at the bottom of the heap. They got the mineral resources

    What reasons make whites staying prowess and what keeps them in power? Germany, Britain, France, Russia, America – a divided world of have and have nots. Not to mention Arabs and their Asian counterparts that support and aid these systems.

    south Africa, like many others remain a conquered nation, like America. Whites present in the meeting are actually descendants of this oppression. We dont know why whites in particular do this. Are they hungry? Thirsty? Need Warmth?

    Whites are not prepared to surrender any land anytime soon, or the control of national and international trade network economy anytime soon. Property ownership. I sometime say why dont they just focus on new technology and forget about land issues? land is primal to survival, stripped of it and you starve. Europe’s land is vast so why take other races’ lands? Large parcels of land to oneself is unkind and breeds hatred of its own situation. Malema says the land belongs to his people Black Africans and he wants the land back.

    Who is the head of whites south Africans large farmlands and what keeps them so?

    1. Land was taken through Black Africans’ genocide. In Namibia, Germans under Kaiser II, raided and openly exterminated indigenous people (see David Olusoga’s “The Kaiser’s Holocaust: Germany’s Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism,” 2011. In 1903 Kaiser Wilhelm II ordered and sent a General Lothar von Trotha to exterminate Namibians. They also poisoned wells in the desert.

    Today I’m still shocked to find Germans in Namibia and south Africa in such fashion. See above video take 3:24 – 3:31 and youtube: “unequal Scenes, Masiphumelele and Lake Michelle”. Its like Africa vs Europe. This is a huge problem between Africa and Europe.

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