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    Aboriginal Sorrows of Occupation and Colonization


    Oct 1, 2018
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    Malema: Black Africans should now own their own means of production collectively with fellow Africans. Land is everything for the chicken to roost on. Blacks humanity has been denigrated to subhuman species and Blacks humanity has been taken away by an evil system of capitalism that produces racism. Blacks are not human, Blacks are sub-human that is why they can die in destitution. Blacks do not have the same rights as White minorities in south Africa and White majorities in Australia. Whites want to remain in a position of privilege and African and indigenous populations who have suffered as a result reject this notion. No white person should remain in a privilege position. We must all be equal. Bring up all the less privilege up to the same level as everybody. Whites should be ashamed. We are here to crush white dominance. We are here to create equality, it doesn’t mean hating white people, it is to liberate the Black people and their exclusion. Malema continues, “for those without income there must be a special price for them. (Those who say its welfare must cease saying that, they have no income at all). Its unfair, it actually undermining the agenda to fight for equality. We need to empower the poor masses of our people. The rich and the privileged ones should be at the fore front subsidizing the poor, working with government.

    If student graduates or startups have not has the money as a result of economic crisis by capitalists and become victimized poor, the rich and those multinational companies who are rich must help them to come up to the level of everybody else and not leave them to die off. The rich can afford things, the poor cannot.  Europeans in Europe who have experienced colonization or conquest or invasions know the bitter experience of White hegemony and must fight it. Like the Basque in Spain, Scot and Irish, even parts of Austria to Italy and many more of territories for the ‘militarily strong’, they must fight occupation. Those who perpetrate colonialism and invasions must be the most evil.

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