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    ‘Affordable Care’ Is Not Affordable


    Dec 14, 2018
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    Yorbing Staff December 14, 2018

    Markets must make decisions itself and not government. If anything, government must use our taxes to pay for healthcare because taxes is already paid into the government’s purses. Those who manufacture the Dollar is a market value that is the property of the markets that is peddled but we have a share in the manufacturing of the Dollar. Without direct work input we cannot participate in exchanges. Ideas must weigh more than Dollar.

    Its not by compassion that governments should exist. They are public invested individuals to perform a request by the citizens of the country. Presidents and its cabinet are not demigods to be admired or put on a pedestal and adored but as hard workers, for the benefit of the people that trusted them to put the individual into office. They must work for people, not for their aggrandizement.

    It is citizens that pays for the president to be representatives of citizens.

    The statistical services that analyses and supposed to know the number of individuals and unemployment in the system is cooked up causing blind spots in the data system. Its a huge neglect and subjected to cover-ups. nIf the economy recovered, upon what basis did it recover?

    The deadline for Healthcare.gov 2019 is tomorrow December 15, 2018 and those who sign up may not be able to afford the affordable because its so jacked up, the price is a whooping $735-$900 a month for two people, for example. The website healthcare.gov is a pompous-ass site that collects scary details of one’s life and end up with nothing. There’s no portal to even make a credit card payment.  Moreover New Jersey seem not to have signed up for residents to sign in. It looks as if its a pent up emotional persons in front of it -Obama and Trump.  Why?

    Many may not even have a healthcare coverage even if they pay their taxes and might need help from the government.  The government takes taxes and should consider the taxes paid to ease the burden of paying exorbitant cost of Doctor’s visits. It will be nice if someone in New Jersey government do the right thing, for once!

    We have bills to pay, mortgages, rents, food, maintenance, transportation, credit card bills, student loans etc we are already burdened with so much bills and being taxed at the end anyway. And now an innocent visit to the Doctor’s clinic is $450 for 30 minutes. Shame!

    Politicians are garbage and health insurance people including health officials are garbage too. Shameless posse in for the profit and harassment of people who come for service.

    Do not sign up! Its hellish and you will not be able to afford it anyway.

    Its mandated that the government pay for our care, afterall it representation of ourselves not political individuals, with powered bigwigs. Its government’s complete obligation to pay totally for our visits to the Doctor – we should never pay for healthcare. Why should we? Its insane. Obama or Trump are nobodies but representatives of our wishes -they are not special people. We must take back the authority we gave to these goons. They’ve destroyed our healthcare system with political ideologies.

    U.S. is spending $750Billion for military and we have ZERO funding for our health care. Sick.

    Everybody seem to be in our business thinking for us except us.

    And Doctors too, why do they depend on insurance so much when it should be a free market price and costs? Do they want a conveyor belt type payments? What about those not covered but want service? Is health part of government entity? Take it off and make it marketable.

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