Africa: An Ex-Drug Addict Becomes A Fashion Designer In South Africa, Others

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Yorbing Staff Monday, March 22, 2021. *Featured: eNCA, March 21, 2021, Youtube.

India sends nasty but questionable “Covidshield” to cheap Namibia…

Video: Namibia Broadcasting Corporation, March 20, 2021, Youtube

Tanzania’s president became ill with covid which was vigorously denied, then swears in Suhulu, the first female president to take his place…

Video: DW News, March 19, 2021, Youtube

And comes into office as an excuse…

Video: 2Nacheki, March 19, 2021, Youtube

Africa is trending rather high in unnecessary funeral attendances as a fad…

Video: NTV Kenya, March 20, 2021, Youtube

Zulus pay tribute to their fallen leader…

Video: Al Jazeera English, March 19, 2021, Youtube

More to come —

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