• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

    Africa: Boko Haram Kidnaps Boys This Time

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    Yorbing Staff Tuesday, December 15, 2020. *Featured: Channels Television, Dec 15, 2020, Youtube.

    A wicked act from Nigeria’s notorious gang kidnaps 300 schoolboys …

    Video: DW News, Dec 15, 2020, Youtube

    Video: Bloomberg Quicktake: Now, Dec 15, 2020, Youtube

    A shameful act that Africa, especially Ghana is proud of…beggar thy neighbor habits …For example, Europe is desperately sick and yet Ghana won’t show love or care, to GIVE SOMETHING to Europe. Instead, look … πŸ˜’ 😏😏 😏…

    Video: GhanaWeb TV, Dec 16, 2020, Youtube

    Ghana slum fire at one of their markets …

    Video: GhanaWeb TV, Dec 15, 2020, Youtube

    Ghana 2020 election’s miserable victory with its gaps in numerical methodological ….+++ …you get my point…

    Video: CitiTube, Dec 15, 2020, Youtube

    More cometh – – -to be continued – – –

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