Africa China Prospect 2019

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Yorbing Staff, January 8, 2019

CGTN: Prof. He Wenping lays out prospects for 2019 in Africa China moving forward in their infrastructure construction activity policies for roads and railways.

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For U.S. to gain any leverage over China in Africa, U.S. must admit that racism against African Americans has played a pivotal role in falling on its own sword. The historical context of Cape Coast castles and refusal to involve African Americans in trade talks with Africans and businesses caused the demise of its influence and the rise of China with Africa countries. Secondly, U.S. makes it a point not to appoint any Africa American Diplomats to Ghana, Nigeria or any African countries. Its strategy and their own fall-on-sword demise. I’m yet to see an African Ambassador in Ghana representing USA in Ghana and visiting Cape Coast or Senegal.

It showcases European American’s evil intentions to keep everybody down and them on top. Well, it did not work this time round, the hare