Africa: Deadly Heavy Rains Upends In SA

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Yorbing Staff Thursday, February 26, 2021. *Featured: eNCA, Feb 26, 2021, Youtube.

Angry Electricity Corporation cuts off entire government offices in Namibia due to unpaid debts..

Video: Namibia Broadcasting Corporation, Feb 25, 2021, Youtube

Italy holds memorial for DRC victims…

Video: NTV Kenya, Feb 25, 2021, Youtube

Dangerous commercial motorbikes (Okada) in the streets defend their habit in Ghana…

Video: GhanaWebTV, Feb 25, 2021, Youtube

48 suspects paraded in kidnap cases in nigeria,

Video: Channels Television, Feb 25, 2021, Youtube

Boo…👎🏼 including incessant youtube annoying ads thrown at yorbing news report compilations…

Video: France 24 English, Feb 25, 2021, Youtube

Finally, Ebola outbreak in Guinea, again…

Video: Al Jazeera English, Feb 25, 2021, Youtube

More to come—

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