Africa: Museveni Abuse Of Uganda’s Resources

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Yorbing Staff Thursday, December 31, 2020. *Featured: Best Shoots Official, Dec 30, 2020, Youtube.

Museveni’s projected-win of Uganda’s election 2020 will be illegitimate because he’s used many intimidating tricks to cling to power. Museveni’s son vows to continue to savagely beat Bobi Wine …

Video: AfricaNews, Dec 30, 2020, Youtube

Bobi Wine is arrested …(*Ugandan Language) …

Video: Best Shoots Official, Dec 30, 2020, Youtube

Museveni’s severe tactics to win election is noted, while the international community watches closely ….

Video: Reuters, Dec 30, 2020, Youtube

Museveni uses national guards at his bidding when it shouldn’t be …

Video: Kampala Dailies, Dec 30, 2020, Youtube

More cometh—to be continued

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