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    Africa Stolen Art. What About The Central Bank Notes In France?


    Dec 16, 2018
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    After buying and selling Africans into the diaspora, then invasion by colonization then by ‘printing the CFA-Franc, then what next? Fourteen African countries wealth controlled by French Treasury.

    If some white French do not want to mix with people of Africa then stop meddling in Africa and trade honestly with them. If white French are decision-makers of what should be and what should not be, that’s their problem. Some whites want Africans are ‘foreigners’ expelled from France.

    I’m sure First Nation, and native Americans including southern Africans and Aborigines are also very uncomfortable with white French as ‘foreigners’ in their countries. First Nation in Canada might ‘purge’ the French as they say. If the white French are not comfortable with ‘foreign Africans or others’ and do not want to live with them, so do other nations dislike the whites living in their countries and want them dead. No! What is point France 24?

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