Akufo-Addo’s Gov’t Profits Off Covid, Rawlings

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday, November 18, 2020. *Featured: CitiTube, Nov 17, 2020, Youtube.

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Akufo-Addo operates on populism and still siphons off the creme de la creme of Ghana’s heritage…while lying to African diasporans of how amenable Ghana’s economy is to foreign investors, the administration still charges exorbitant fees to travelers into Ghana. The $150 Covid-19 test charge is the highest fee in the world. Most countries charge a $10 fee compared to Ghana’s $150. Akufo-Addo’s Year Of Return policy profits hugely off Diasporans’ pockets while Diasporans suffer the scourge of Ghana’s deep unemployment and poverty.

Video: GhanaWeb TV, Nov 17, 2020, Youtube

An interesting look at the trial of Rawlings, maybe there’s apart 2 (check down below…

Video: SOE TV, March 21, 2020, Youtube

Outgoing Trump Administration Ambassador sign condolence book …

Video: GhanaWeb TV, Nov 17, 2020, Youtube

Religious leaders of Ghana pay their respect and sign book of condolence …

Video: GhanaWeb TV, Nov 17, 2020, Youtube

When Rawlings was handing over to Hilla Limann in 1979 …

Video: GhanaPedia, Oct 10, 2009, Youtube

Even some of the country harbors some misgivings enough to want to secede from Ghana as a whole, to start another country in the Volta Region where Rawlings comes from …

Video: GhanaWeb TV, Nov 17, 2020, Youtube

Part 2 of trial of Rawlings…

Video: SOE TV, Nov 15, 2020, Youtube

Well, Ghanaians love funerals so sit back with a pop corn at the front row and watch. This aint finish yet … 😎

Video: BIZAY TV GH, Nov 16, 2020, Youtube

Mahama’s NDC might successfully pull this one-off, but his own previous administration’s record has tepid corruption accusations.

Video: Courtesy Of DigiNeko, March 30, 2020, Youtube

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