America: The Queen’s Office React To Prince Harry And Meghan On Oprah

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday, March 10, 2021. *Featured Image:, “Piers Morgan” By Simon Elinas, [accessed March 10, 2021].

Video: NBC News, March 10, 2021, Youtube

Proof of deep divisive politics within the Royal family is clearly exhibited by the Queen’s statement and stance themselves…

Video: Entertainment Tonight, March 9, 2021, Youtube

And the Charles reaction? Meh….!

Video: Entertainment Tonight, March 10, 2021, Youtube

Just watch…

Video: Good morning Britain, March 9, 2021, Youtube

The proof of deep bigotry and unrestrained hatred and unfeelingness towards individuals or a particular group is pervasive in Britain and in white media, especially….

Video: ET Canada, March 9, 2021, Youtube

Reactions of Royal rebuttal….

Video: ABC News, March 10, 2021, Youtube

White privilege sums it up nicely…

Video: CBC, The National, March 9, 2021, Youtube

Chauvin’s trial…

Video: ABC News, March 10, 2021, Youtube

Vaccination reducing cases of covid infections…

And finally, brawl breaks out at Bath & Body Works, Arizona…

Video: USA Today, March 9, 2021, Youtube

More to come —

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