America: US Police Plows Through A Crowd, Migrants

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Yorbing Staff Monday, January 25, 2021. *Featured: Washington Post, Jan 24, 2021, Youtube.

Police plows through a crowd in Tacoma Washington…

Video: ABC News, Jan 24, 2021, Youtube

Ok but first let pray a little …To make your day…let righteousness reign in the land…amen…

Video: Vision TV, Jan 18, 2021, Youtube

Nancy Pelosi …

Video: NBC News, Jan 25, 2021, Youtube

Republicans tries to bring gun into the floor…

Video: MSNBC, Jan 23, 2021, Youtube

Migrants sent back home…

Video: Daily Mail, Jan 22, 2021, Youtube

Biden’s First policy…

Video: Washington Post, Jan 21, 2021, Youtube

But first, fly into the sky….

Video: Inside Edition, Jan 20, 2021, Youtube

Roundups for the week’s start…

Video: NBC News, Jan 25, 2021, Youtube

More to come —

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