Asia & EU: UK Man Spits On Warden During Covid

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Yorbing Staff Friday, February 19, 2021. *Featured: The Sun, Feb 18, 2021, Youtube.

Facebook blocks Australia’s news…

Video< Arirang News, Feb 19, 2021, Youtube

World govts pressures Myanmar military and leaves Uganda’s Bobi Wine to suffer against Museveni…?

Video: Arirang News, Feb 19, 2021, Youtube

Northern Ireland lockdown…

Video: Sky News, Feb 18, 2021, Youtube

China salaciousness…

Video: China In Focus -NTD, Feb 19, 2021, Youtube

Austrian ski resort shows covid immunity…

Video: EuroNews (In English), Feb 18, 2021, Youtube

Spaniards protest Rappers arrest…

Video: Guardian News, Feb 17, 2021, Youtube

More to come—

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