Asia & EU: UN Warns Of Civil War In Myanmar

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Yorbing Staff Thursday April 1, 2021. *Featured: Arirang News, April 1, 2021, Youtube

The Vatican vaccinates the poor and needy…

Video: NBC News, March 31, 2021, Youtube

France about to go on a lockdown…

Video: Global News, March 3, 2021, Youtube

While Europe’s teens seek psychiatric help….

Video: EuroNews (In English), March 31, 2021, Youtube

UK school accused of sexual harassment of students. School authorities twist the narratives to suit the school line to avoid solving the problems…

Video: Sky News, March 31, 2021, Youtube

Copy and paster gets national attention in China…

Video: China In Focus -NTD, April 1, 2021, Youtube

And finally, volcanic eruption in Iceland-photographer runs away when volcanic lava flows towards him…

Video: Guardian News, March 31, 2021, Youtube

More to come—

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