• Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

    Asia & EU: Yangon Myanmar Bang Pots In Protest

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    Yorbing Staff Wednesday, February 3, 2021. *Featured: CNA, Feb 2, 2021, Youtube.

    Myanmar people protests…

    Video: Sky News, Feb 2, 2021, Youtube

    U.S says its a coup….!

    Video: Arirang News, Feb 3, 2021, Youtube

    Perfect in sin but not in sacrifice…is who…? Putin..asss bitch!

    Video: Sky News, Feb 2, 2021, Youtube

    Space X explodes…

    Video: Guardian, Feb 3, 2021, Youtube

    Video Zoom with goats…

    Video: Courtesy Of 5 News, Jan 29, 2021, Youtube

    And lastly salaciousness…(commendable, China In Focus 👏)

    Video: China In Focus -NTD, Feb 3, 2021, Youtube

    More to come —

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