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    • Namibia’s Woes of Germanic Occupation and Impoverishment

    Namibia’s Woes of Germanic Occupation and Impoverishment

    Redfish’s Germans in Namibia: Apartheid Continued (Part 1&2) highlights the heinous and troubling phenomenon of harassment of continued militarism of Germans and Europeans in southern African countries – Namibia, Zimbabwe…

    Malema, Stay on Course

    Remember no slavery compensation for Africans for 500 years of European occupations and oppression? Do not relinquish your demand, like Mandela did. Take all the land for your economic growth…

    Bobi Wine Victim of Museveni, a Dictator Ogre

    Idiot. The goons put clothes on him to look decent but the guy is obviously savagely beaten. Monsters

    African Entrepreneurship in Africa Better

    Even Europeans try to escape their poverty out of their region to seek greener pastures somewhere else. Entrepreneurship can take some of the unemployment pressures off by startup ventures. It…

    Crossing the Meditarrenean

    Today’s migration woes crossing into western Europe

    Zimbabwean Questions the Harshness of African Life Environment

    So this guy questions the harsh societal environment of an African country , Zimbabwe resonate with lots of aspirants who have talent or have invested heavily in their lives, “all…

    Support For China in Africa

    Sandra Rwese and I as college mates has a lot to learn from the ongoing “mutually beneficial trades” that China has embarked on all over the world and Africa in…


    Leave Chinese People Alone, Take the Mote Out First Africans are notorious in complaining about racism but mistreat Chinese in Africa too. Chinese in Africa has been mugged, beaten, killed…

    Lessons for China Also?

    China attempt to salvage business in Detroit.

    Real Estate and Blah

    The New York socialites are saying the Chinese are leading the trend, they are no longer free riders. So its highly valued by the Chinese – they shiver while negotiating.…