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    Billionaire Club: $8.9 Trillion


    Oct 29, 2018
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    Of which China is a huge part of. According to the panel the world’s financial order seems to have shifted to Asia and China’s demographic trend will not slow down, any time soon, they said. There are 770 million people on the internet in China alone.

    There’s a massive wealth transfer just about to happen, about $3.5 Trillion will just change hands in the next 20 years which ‘will create a lot of opportunity ( for the ball grabbers indeed) and their families. In China there are a lot of first generation billionaires. ‘Philanthropy’ is big. Global banks like UBS will be dicing the cakes and will be ‘investing’ side by side in the global market.

    Vultures look for those with the strongest balance sheet to zero in on and siphon off to live off it. They depend on ingenuity, inventions, objective ideas to lend money to.

    German-Americans especially proliferate the American market and bridge it with Deutchbank, their country of origin and very brazenly quiet about it. They are at the core of the wealth and more Anglosized about it. Of course Anglo Saxon is deeply Germanic. ‘Jews shall not replace us’.

    Trump is German and one of them. Bloomberg is Germanic of Ukrainian origin, so is Zuckerberg and those ‘Bergs’. Living Germanic in America is very convenient and quite satisfactory, deeply satisfying indeed. Including Lehman Brothers among others that ‘crashed the markets’ in 2008. So far as they live in American politics what are the prospects of anybody overtaking them. Not in a long mile just yet.

    Germans complained cruelly that they did not want ‘Jews’ aka foreigners fill the position of Prime Ministership in their world. And cause a vicious war against ‘Jews’ or foreigners, just like Trump who is German formented against Obama and African Americans and vowed Blacks will never rule America again. Meaning so far as there’s Germans in America they will ‘oppose’ Blacks or who ever dares rule them. Yet they are in America. They like sedating controversies quite easily and mutely.

    Money is printed, yes, currencies are printed, yet human relations and fair wages is fought over for. The white male floor and their Asian counterpart. The 2008 crash caused 9 million jobs and now unemployment figures is vaguely squelched to a measly %3.7 (actually is 21.7%).

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