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    Billionaires In The Swiss Alps Discussing Poverty


    Jan 22, 2019
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    Ghana is one of the richest countries on earth by gold standard. It is 5% of GDP. Ghana is Africa’s largest gold producer. They simply cart it off to Europe leaving their local businesses to survive on their own. Notable AshantiGold website is in German and Chinese markets, not Accra. The local gold companies are poorly funded and operate on the periphery.

    AngloGold bullion, Ashanti Region, Ghana

    There are a series of problems that Ghanaian business startups are craving for and that is money. Ghana’s gold is stashed up in Swiss Banks siphoned into it by mining companies operating in Ghana, namely AngloGold Ashanti, AsankoGold, and all the Asante gold and diamond companies.

    There have to be a fairtrade policy in gold market where Ghanaians benefit more. These mining companies just kill Ghanaians and make them think they are poor. Of course not. The money flies out. They dont even pave the streets for the people to walk on and feel safe. Check the website AsanteGold.com. Just imagine the gold market bourse is in Kumasi. How would the infrastructure of Kumasi look like?

    The same shameless Euro-Afro conspirators, AsankoGold team

    Ghana, as in slavery timeshot, has been digging for gold with the same controversial people for over 600 years. They just shift the behaviors to suit the times whether African Americans cry or not.

    Ghana’s gold money system is unknown, data is not easily available. It makes the Swiss Alps meeting a mockery considering Europeans are in Ghana happily digging for gold.

    Jamie Diamond was once my boss, interesting, isn’t it?

    AsankoGold my ass. AngloGold collapsed due to environmental disasters, illegal mining, mismanagement and politicking. See below attempt to revamp the industry by the Asante king and Akufo Addo’s government: Video in local Asante language*

    And English:

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