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    A British American Spouts


    Jul 18, 2018
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    A reason for hate and supremacy of a British on patriot America because its the most important in the eyes. Meaning an African is different from their likes and unfit to lead the British empire aka America. Their law called ‘Constitution’ is more important for rule of their law in their orbit of influence.

    The same type of people, irrespective of when or how they migrated into the U.S is more important than their countries of origin. They might be of regional western Europe with Africa just down south bordering Spain to Morocco. An Irish, the same British killed Luther King Sr and their own kind, president Kennedy of Irish American descent.

    in his picture, which my daughter can also easily paint, or a Yoruba adolescent, Kareem Waris Olamilekan can paint, gloriously.

    Olamilekan, Waris painting, 2018

    A painting that states that Africans and indigenous populations should give in to invasion, occupation and settlements on their lands and all this is to get wealthy at their expense and to live auspiciously above indigenous population. Which Jewish Bible directed them to be British empire?


    McNaughton’s painting

    McNaughton’s painting of Yeshua is very alluring and convincingly deceptive, as if to say that he and his opinion is above all of us except Yeshua’s forgiveness and the Father’s Love for us all, except one, Obama and Africans.

    McNaughton has a mindset that killed Luther King Sr and agitated for a repeat by the same Irish aka Germanic Anglo Saxon, Franco tribes. Why?

    Under obamanation he spewed untruth and only knowledge of a concept that is uncalled for. Africans have not done anything to deserve hate from McNaughton. We did not invade, killed, grabbed or covet what was not ours, you did. You killed native Americans for their lands. You coveted and are enraged at the consequences. Aboriginals cry, native Americans cry, Maoris cry, Chinese cry, Iraqis cry. You manipulate trades and kill your own people for wealth and gains and take them world-wide as slaves and as side-kicks (you are a side-kick for the British wealthy class) for land occupation aka settlements. You lie for your own good then mentions Yeshua’s name as a director of your covetousness and patriot nation.

    His One nation under god , using the Name of our Lord in vain for his bloody patriot nation.

    You are your own enemy. The Bible is plain about covetousness, do NOT take or covet what is your brother’s but you did, you followed Arabs Mohammedans into America and you were in fact part of a raiding party into Jerusalem to dwell when you shouldn’t have, why?

    Away with your garbage reasoning.

    Aborigines suffer humiliating poverty daily and you are thinking about, what, dollars, constitution? Constitution for who and whose right? God? You twisted bastard, first take the mote out of your eye to see Aboriginal and native American suffering.

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