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    Bloomberg Looks Down On China


    Jan 13, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 13, 2019

    The report is disrespectful, unappreciative and downright shabby as his looks. What does the report want us to react, laugh at China’s workers? Whites go there begging but exhibit an attitude. ‘They and us’ syndrome, perfect mix. The reporter whines, “is this a step up from hard scrabble of subsistence farming? Probably.” He should be fired especially if Americans invests in that company.

    He leers at corporate successful efforts

    Respect the workers. They are just working very, very hard not to offend their bosses and to earn a living. Dont spoof at their efforts. Why you duffus!

    And walks in crabby short to fit in or what?

    The reporter wears shorts to an otherwise corporate settings and thinks he’s on a beach! He uses the word ‘crank up’ to describe a highly scientific process and mass marketing guru strategy.

    Overly exposed flesh for a corporate setting, he uses phrases like ‘pumping out’ to describe an expensive project and production units. He doesn’t even know what the real cost is so Americans can invest where necessary in the units. No clue. There’s certainly no ‘high speed energy’ here, business is business. And here we are, as entrepreneur and we dont even get Bloomberg to invest in us as a company.

    Overly exposed legs girls will swoon for.
    And bad visuals

    What does he mean by ‘prototypes’? Copies? And here we are needing concrete information about how China markets are doing so well. This has been treated a little too casual, for our taste. The ultimate sin is, ” its like some kinda crazy twenty first century gold rush” when they have totally eclipsed our markets. Silicon Valley? What has it got to do with Silicon Valley? U.S. already has inventions, ahem, that it virtually stole from them anyway. Poopy head.

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