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    Botswana Should Invest In Kantanka Cars


    Oct 14, 2018
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    The biggest Botswana diamond business market is U.S. and China.

    I wonder if Botswana Trade Minister, Bogolo Kenewendo know that those she is opening up to for business are the same group thast snob and had impoverished Africans world wide and African Americans in particular.  The Bostwana seem not to cultivate business relationship with Africans.  They are being poached by the same white Nazis for money and siphoning of the little wealth that Africans and those in the diaspora can aspire and do business with.

    Bloomberg and his fellow German whites seem zero-in insularly on the money they will extract from Botswana at the exclusion and expertly conveniently forgetting Africans as Black Americans in America. They take African wealth for their exclusive beneficial use, forget racism. Wealth acquisition is to stomp on the other to get and use for their own purposes.

    Fortunately she knows who her backers are and how solid her training is, traditionally and internationally.
    Bloomberg whites need to maintain ignorance of African business might by status quo. No mention of African American slavery, no mention of colonization excuses. The Trade Minister is looking the fund the same white dominant Tech? Botswana might be wanting to play footsie with the power and mighty. Where is thy paw goeth o Bloomish?  She dares to mention Namibia?

    Well Botswana is interested in solar energy.

    Bogolo Kenewendo previously worked as a Trade Economists in Ghana Ministry of Trade and Industry and in her home country Botswana.

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