Branding And Shipping, To And From, West Africa

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday March 13, 2019

Amazon Does NOT ship to west Africa so should a startup take up the ideological challenge and win?

Normally its not everybody that has the privileges of having so many layers of parceling, I think it has to be simple: One layer of transparent plastic bag with a marketing sticky on top might be environmentally friendly. Remember most of the plastics are throwaways. Tags and labeling, and quality of product itself, depending on the produce, are more important.

Make sure there’s a tracking number for your clients. Its very important. Shipping from source, say west Africa to the Americas is by DHL. Transportation and shipping from developing economies is pretty challenging. Shipping items to west Africa can be risky -items get stolen. Should a startup do business in west Africa? Shipping there is pretty poor, risky and expensive.

And Beautarie’s:

West Africa has to be pick up where it left off with that slavery history. Now that it has abated, shipping to and from west Africa has to be a breeze. Getting over the scary tactics of an Atlantic ‘slave’ trades did grind trades between the two neighboring continents to a screeching halt. Of course, security is a huge factor, if politicians can get their acts together. Shipping to and from the Americas to west Africa has to be redefined and reopened.

This will stem immigration from Africa to the America’s, as shipping, to and from, becomes more efficient. Even building a bridge between Brazil, Caribbean and west Africa is a viable idea. The two continents is just 9.4 nautical miles apart.

Image: Univ. of Rochester

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