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    Brett Kavanaugh’s Hearing and Cory Booker’s Question is Key


    Sep 27, 2018
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    I was surprise that there were only 2-3 women questioning Dr. Christine Blasey Ford except white men for empathy, experience, relationships and a definition of who men are to women. Except for the three female Senators including Feinstein and Harris, we need more women on the Seat. Republicans hold too much leverage and I believe it belies the white hegemony in general.  Its Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s  name and his family that is on the line not his judgement on the U.S. Supreme Court that affects millions of American citizens.  Kavanaugh is not self-sacrificing for sure.  Its all about him, not the service of the country. And he doesn’t seem to consider the many millions of young women and children who are violently raped, scared and unaccounted for. Women’s cases are vulnerable and inconsiderable.

    It is not about Judge Kavanaugh and he doesn’t not seem to respect authority. He’s deeply partisan, an old guard. An arrogant.

    Senator Lindsey Graham screams that the situation against Judge Kavanaugh is unethical and a sham.

    Get the men out.  They do not hold  women’s concerns at heart.  Its about the position of the Supreme Court seat, winning a fight and a war of attrition.

    Judge Kavanaugh talk down a woman Senator who asked a straight question which he countered, “are you?”

    Judge Kavanaugh said he busted his butt in school so he deserved the position, irrespective of his disposition of his misappropriation.   He should have had examples of famous or known cases and his opinion on those cases instead of moaning about his convenient discomfort of being a bad ass classmate to Dr. Blasey Ford.

    The Senate is this divided? There is a clear hostility of Judge Kavanaugh’s answers and demeanor with credible Democrats’ questions.  He is deliberately abusive of some of the Democrats’ questions. He’s condenscending.

    It is not about character but events that happened. This is a criminal issue Judge Kavanaugh has no way of judging it himself.  He is before the Law.

    Clarence Thomas was eventually proven to be a badass and Anita Hill vindicated.  That Clarence Thomas indeed did grope.

    Judge Kavanugh or whoever his ‘judgement’ is, is not mentally prepared.  He could not define the FBI’s role succinctly. He was expected to show fortitude. He did not exhibit that.  He used technical jargons to expertly deflect questions and kept listeners in suspense. It was a job interview in the most important job in the Supreme Court.  Kavanaugh has made Democrats his batting enemies.  It is about his experience samples on the courts and how he dealt with otherwise difficult situations -practical experiences.  You’ve done your job, Senator Tillis, its about vulnerable, hurt women, their plights and silent sufferings. If you dare ignore women’s plights, you will end up losing your job.

    Senator Cruz is the biggest rapist ever.  He’s severely manipulative, a powerhouse of lies and a pretender.  How dare he? He’s the problem of the male species, a poisonous asp.

    Finally, why are the senators so old? Judge Kavanaugh practices cronyism and not mentally prepared.




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