Brexit: Migration And Blacks

Yorbing Staff Sunday March 24, 2019

Advice For Traveling Blacks And People Of African Descent

Black Bright: In Europe Whites see all non-whites as “foreigners”. This is a passed-on prejudice against others. Even if Whites in New Zealand play colony, its against the native Blacks. They know where Asians come from, but Blacks in particular, are targeted. White migrants see Blacks and others as migrants even if they are migrating. The most migrating single group on earth are Whites but they do not see it as illegal migration. For example, colonization is illegal and is akin to a hostile takeover of foreign lands and resources, Whites have replicated this concept all over the world. New Zealand has native populations, but it doesn’t matter. Australia has Black population, but it doesn’t matter so far as they are deemed Whites. White is a license to occupy illegally in other people’s land without recourse. Earth might be a free place to roam but restricted legally to European Whites and their descendants only. Claim White then you have an automatic free pass to any country.

Very soon the tide will turn and then we will see a reverse. Population growth problems attests to these. It will get worse.

Today Europe, north America and their western partners have hives when talking other races’ migration. Theirs was in millions.

Irish immigrants to America. Image by

And huge inflow into Americas in the recent past:

Europe’s moment of need, immigrants to America. Today Europeans tell Africans they are not welcomed into Europe even in peace time. Image by Latin American Studies.

And now its African and Other races boating in huge numbers to Europe. Why the migration to Europe?

Sea crossings of the Mediterranean, northern African waters to west Europe. Image by DW.

America’s welcoming of Europeans was decent, orderly and humane. Not this time. There are walls, and walls and double walls to keep migrants out.

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