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Yorbing Staff Thursday February 21, 2019

Great advice before you leap into clothing business. Be cautious that Asians have long been in the trades for ages (remember the Silk Road projects by Asians?) so it might be a little difficult to catch up. But I will strongly advice that you make your own clothes line and gain skills in sewing for your manufacturing line. They cannot beat you with that. Most are colonial Asians-Spanish in Latin American countries but still dominates in some of the basic industries, like mass market fashion. Tayloring and seamstressing are different, of course, and fashion designing is also on another level of clothe manufacturing, thank God. Other than that, you might be discouraged by little petty jealous Asians.

The solution is yourself. Do not be dissuaded or discouraged by high flyers who shiver even in height of achievement.

Do it at your own slow pace, you wont go hungry.

Check this video out below but be your own self.

Warning: Some foul languages*

Overhead Costs

  • Rents -monthly
  • Utilities -trash, energy
  • Employee -payroll, workers compensation, insurance, unemployment insurance
  • Equipment, tools, internet
  • Location: high visibility and high traffic.
  • Regular clienteles
  • Retail hours and overstays and leans summer seasons
  • Inventories
  • Operating equipment -furniture, phones, computers, bill board costs, parking costs
  • Community taxes
  • Try on clothes
  • More purchases


Photography -cameras, phones

Photo studio or mount for staged wears and demos.

Computers, internet fees, website costs,


Warehouse storage

Shipping and handling and accessories costs

Self as 100% staff


Use data of customers

Constant refreshing

International clienteles

Internet payments software

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