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    Britain Sidles Up With U.S. For Some Reason


    Jan 9, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 9, 2019

    Its been a puzzling issue for a long time. Britain highly manipulates America for some reason mysterious so I always end stating the obvious, white supremacists influence politicians to not serve us but themselves. British are experts at smearing at Africans viciously and debilitatingly nasty.

    We saw it happened many times and with the so called ‘financial crisis’. Immediately Britain also had a ‘financial crisis’ of their own. British are expect at smearing to debilitate. 1. To attack opponent or those they seem enemy to their cause. 2. They conjure up menaces to continue in fights against people rights. 3. Indulge in incessant wars with virtually everybody who crosses their paths to ruin them.

    Under the table is an antics they master in then pretend they are nothing. They undermine America’s democracy, time and again and flooded their country over so Mr. Obama for example failed to give essential aid to those most affected by the financial crash and recession.

    This fact is echoed by Blumenthal’s great article here. We have known no peace since Obama came into office or even longer than Obama’s time. It’s has been hellish with politics in America and I suspect Tamara Harris being half Indian (their favorite poodle) will manipulate to get her in office or not. America’s politics is virtually littered with Brits here. Indeed Britain does create a hub of an ultra special influence on American daily life as if America is her territory. America never got free, in Britain’s mind.

    Obama changed overnight and became a purring, enlongated catman, walking with spiked legs. I watched him glowing with pride and pomposity in India. Air with pinky up. But at the same time hounded with intense hatred and racism against to fall him. It was incredible.

    There is indeed a war and British politicians and queen aka family are absolutely possessed. They are indeed tentacles of military influence all over the earth. Cocoa-head Akufo Addo went to Oxford practically gloating with them. We are watching.

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