Business 101: CoronaVirus Financial Effects & Caution

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday April 29, 2020

*Featured: Yahoo Finance, April 27, 2020, Youtube

Lets start with Garfield & Bari’s ‘Nothing To Do’ with the lockdowns…Dont get swayed by the coronavirus crisis layoffs. Concentrate on you and your skills to survive. Its pretty frightening but hold on…

Video: Garfield & Bari, April 5, 2020, Youtube

As a small business, big businesses swallow relief funds before it gets to the smallest. Banks aid this programs to profit off the fund.

Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, April 28, 2020, Youtube

Be strong and don’t struggle too much…its publicly traded companies taking the monies, really.

Video: Yahoo Finance, April 20, 2020, Youtube

Teanna Empowers…for budgets…

Video: Teanna Empowers,

Get some ‘fro wig to rock…by Shayna Violet…

Video: Shayna Violet, May 13, 2019, Youtube

Go natural also….TheNotoriuosKIA…

Video: TheNotoriousKIA, April 6, 2020, Youtube

A lot of people will claim to be minority, however, banks are catching the money first, and they do their magic there, never getting into the hands of those who need them. Banks charge fees for the distribution? But they should also be in the relief-fund-spirit. They have the money!

Video: CBS This Morning, April 23, 2020, Youtube

How do you survive when you are being ignore?

Video: Wall Street Journal, April 20, 2020, Youtube

Minority businesses try very hard, but monies that are supposed to ease their financial struggles goes right back to the ‘enemy’…

Video: CBS News, April 27, 2020, Youtube

We might continue to rely on the pennies that comes our way for survival. The banks simply do not want to give to really small businesses. Some minority-owned small businesses have operated under the radar for many, many years, without help. If there are any incentives, they either do not know or haven’t been told to them.

Video: CBS This Morning, April 23, 2020, Youtube

Above issue has festered for a long time, since Obamacare fights. Many small businesses and startups do not have enough for their health insurances. Why are doctors taking only-insured patients, is beyond reason.

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