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    Jun 22, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Monday June 22, 2020

    *Featured: UrbanDictionary.com [accessed June 22, 2020]

    A very important transition in a work place should be in a different common setting. Can you beat this? Corporate America can hold minorities back so the weight of being held back causes it to be difficult to work in America’s corporations. If Western companies decide to move to Asia, without consulting with Black businesses, or at the Directors table, or even at the Chambers of Commerce, Black businesses lose out. Life has been pretty difficult for Blacks and if you fall victim to racism, you are dead. African corporations are also very, very difficult to break into due to its perpetual ‘developing state. Africa corporations are largely closed off to foreigners.

    Video: The Black Experience Japan, May 15, 2020, Youtube

    But here is Nobita From Japan and his kind who do not want brilliant Blacks in his country, even if they are seeking protection. I’ve never heard or seen these Asian Tigers give to charity as a result of their success or thanking the Lord for their economic successes. They do not contribute to the needs in the world. They are always self-contained and self-righteously greedy, especially China, South Korea and Japan. Listen to that miserable bitch Nobita From Japan below … Japan seems to hide its wealth from Blacks who desperately need to locate the whereabouts of their wealth, which have been hidden – well, into China, Japan and South Korea. Asian Tigers are the direct beneficiaries to Whites’ stealing of Blacks’ resources – ideas, inventions, beauty, architecture, culture etc into Asia …Japan has the most wicked society ever, on earth. May Japan’s businesses, which they value above humans well-being, collapse. May they remember the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and weep for their own fucking blood, vampires. Japan does not want to create any safe haven for persecuted brethren who seek solace, only to find out that Japanese are as racist at the core as ever.

    The Face Of Hate In Japan Video: Nobita From Japan, June 15, 2020, Youtube

    Hi Nobita From Japan, ‘we dont see you contributing to world’s peace or you seeing a need to help somebody out’.

    Asians do not invite Blacks to their countries as a welcoming policy nor help them to mitigate problems, in-fact, they add to the difficult lifestyle that Blacks face world-wide. Here’s a harsh example … Nobita From Japan intentionally uses Whites images as his norm, first for acceptability, then says Japan is not good so no one should visit it.

    A little sharper focus to overcome difficulties that we all feel is needed…but for Asians predominantly, they only look to make money with whites, but everybody else…should f**k off, that’s the attitude. A Black enters their shops, they call the cops.

    Africa made Japan and Korea fabulously rich by buying their cars, hands down. If Africa will stop buying those cubby-hole accident-prone-urvan buses, those mini-shit cars wouldn’t make them so rich. Asian cars causes high toll of deaths on Africa roads. Just look at the number of gruesome car crashes on the African continent. Nobody sues Asia for making inhumane buses and trucks.

    Video: Dan Lok, June 17, 2020, Youtube

    And yet there’s this civil rights issue that keeps popping up and you need to NOT skirt around it. We must acknowledge that it disrupts and corrupts business dealings in the market places, whether we like it or not. Add Covid 19 and life have been pretty tough. Blacks are not making money, yet, they see others move on as if nothing has ever happened.

    Whites like to fight everybody, for money and for living itself off others, to pass it on to the next generation. For example, the Care Act (PPP small business loans) still ended up in the hands of white businesses leaving Black businesses unqualified for relief.

    Video: Now This News, June 18, 2020, Youtube

    LL Cool J said perhaps its time to redeem maleness in the work place and consider how they feel about their health and anxieties…

    The Congressman above said Black males are facing police brutality and poverty.

    Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, June 19, 2020, Youtube

    LL Cool J spelled out that he was a Black male first but Black men must come out and voice their grievances on how they should be treated. If Black males do not come out and tell us what pisses them off, we will never know how to treat them without hurting their feelings, because they are a silent bunch.

    The Congressman made his demand perfectly clear: Do NOT kill, maim, shoot, humiliate, talk down at, to, with BLACK MEN, BLACK MALES ON THE STREETS, and if a white person has a Black relative, he’s concerned about him too. He said, ‘IT A CRITICAL EMERGENCY’ FOR BLACK MALES’…

    Video: Now This News, June 19, 2020, Youtube

    Whites particularly want the founders of the Unites States of America to be white-only. The above Senator spells out the role Blacks played in the beginning of the small state of America. Whites in particular has led the world into excoriative wealth for themselves and their children in heinous, unjust wars of occupations, just so they can gouge themselves, fill and live happily on earth. LL Cool J says he wants to honor his people, which is fair, especially if BLACK MALES are not represented in the AMERICAN CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE!

    Whites absolutely hates to serve Blacks but they forget that slavery started within their society and infected Black peoples. The slav (as a white person) is an unjustified work done by a forced labor by another person in brute force.

    Black Americans in general are leading the world of people of African descent in opportunities because of the state of America, as a leading country. Its good to be Black American in the military units. That is where the money goes to. Its a highly militarized country, foremost and fore armed. That is where the police brutality emanates from, in contemporary terms, and includes the historical role of slave-catching police force.

    What to do about it? Migrate to another African country like Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana etc BUT stay and fight because they are in Africa too.

    -Plan to move out of states

    -save dollars

    -expand your vision to see wider fields…even if whites have pooped there…

    -Protect yourself…

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