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Yorbing Staff Tuesday December 5, 2019

*Featured: Success Secrets TV, ‘5 Sacrifices…’, Dec 3, 2019, Youtube

Below is VYBO who quotes, ‘money is a good servant and a bad master’…

Video: VYBO, Sept 30, 2019, Youtube

And condition yourself for wealth…

Video: VYBO, Aug 23, 2018, Youtube

How does one acquire money if it’s not by work? The above premise is not challenging enough. Of course it’s not enough to have just aspirations for just one career, retired and boom, dandy. It’s not the government to just print the money but your effort to build beautiful, powerful images that people want and desire. Like economic activities, crafting and a build. Money is a borrowed time, of efforts and activity of an outcome. We all want it but shun from it at the same time.

Dubai’s wealthy individual…by Build Empire…

Video: Build Empire, April 21, 2019, YouTube

Do you agree with the premises argued here?

Video: Motivation Hub, July 17, 2019, YouTube


Video: VYBO, Jan 3, 2017, YouTube

The government prints and owns the medium of exchange to spend and acquire the taste and command of finer things in the marketplace.

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