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    Business 101: Post Crisis Business Environment


    Jun 25, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Thursday June 25, 2020

    *Featured: Get your groove on and pick up where we left off, however improve upon your products, if possible…Fuse, June 16, 2020, Youtube

    Its may not be business as usual, but if, for example, you’ve been stuck on lockdown and have lost money, below is an advice…

    Video: CNBC Television, June 22, 2020, Youtube

    Money sitting in the bank is useless, unless it is invested…get your hands dirty and let’s go make money fast….listen below…

    Video: Vusi Thembekwayo, March 20, 2020, Youtube

    Do you want to re-evaluate your company? Check below the summation of the advice by experts…

    Video: Vusi Thembekwayo, June 3, 2020, Youtube

    If sales is what is lacking, hone in but sell your product to people, distribute for retail and sell directly to the public…

    Video: Vusi Thembekwayo, Nov 27, 2019, Youtube

    Vusi, above, said a business needs a good crisis to galvanize effort, on the other hand, you can force yourself into the crisis, for a desired outcome, if need be, for a change. Meaning, you can f**k shit up by fixing a habit or issue that is hard to break. Find the sales points, that is to say, chase those sales points, to position your brand there, because if you believe the quality of your product, you dont need anybody to sell it for you. Therefore, find one example or location to sell your product to give you a multiplication factor. For instance, to sell clothes to teens, target schools where parents, teachers and head mistresses gather and pitch your product. An item might sell, then move on to another potential buyer. Give them incentives, including samples of your product, with your name brand. Repeat your sales pitch 10,000 times, above all, persist in the sales of your product, but sell it for a long time.

    Be aggressive, learn, be hungry and be willing to be the one who is the most sensitive to your timing, no one else. Improve to get better every single time. Customers should not recognize the same product 3 months prior, move fast, chase the innovation. Listen to experts’ advice, but to clarify, your reality of today’s market, Africa is in the bottom of the darkest continent on earth, so it will probable take a time-schedule attitude. Look at the opportunities that your location might offer, but do not put yourself at risk at this covid 19 infection era. Plug in your efforts and stay abreast with what you are doing. Nobody will meet you half-way so wake up early and smell the roses. Vusi said, have zero excuse not to know how to do things right. Refer to google infos for your ailments, listen to their advice and say to your self, zero tolerance for slack.

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