Business Caution 101: Do Not Cut Out Partners Who Helped You

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Yorbing Staff Saturday March 2, 2019

Its talents that helped along the way, do not cut out anyone. “Jack Daniels” did not give enough accolations to the African American who actually taught Jack Daniels the act of distillery of the liquor causing a lifetime of heartache. Monetarily the African American family will be hefted out of any monetary gain and profits. The name of the African American’s name is not even acknowledged except his race, which is diabolical, to say the least. His name is ..??? And his African name is..?? From what origin? Ghana? Nigeria? How can they can acknowledge a race and not a country? How come whites can comfortably point to England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal etc and not Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal etc?

The best decision will be a great company for Nathan Nearest Green family. They have the knowledge to start their own version with the lastest twist and much wider audience to boot. Congratulations Green family.

The story simply gets worse as more details come out.

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