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Yorbing Staff Monday December 2, 2019

*Featured:, {accessed Dec 2, 2019}.

Scotty Kilmer’s ‘Luxury Cars Only Stupid People Buy’, he recommends you buy either Toyota or Nissan instead because the luxury cars fall apart and you’ll be screwed anywhere you go…

Video: Scotty Kilmer, Oct 20, 2019, Youtube

He said to go for Honda first then Toyota…

Video: Scotty Kilmer, Aug 9, 2019, Youtube

Pay attention, I got caught in a vicious circle too…go for the recommended best luxury cars instead…

Video: Scotty Kilmer, May 12, 2019, Youtube

Kilmer strongly advises you to value your money first before buying luxury cars. Just love being honest and don’t buy those cars if you value your money -they are money pits-to spend on them with no resale value. He said do not complain when you start paying too much- eat your shit. Luxury cars are fun to drive but are endless money pits, you will end up paying through the nose and they break down too much. If you want them, lease them or buy similar better one.

For business it’s rather more expedient to buy different cheap cars.

Video: Scotty Kilmer, Sept 6, 2019, Youtube

And lastly, just listen, would ya? Avoid making monthly payments, save to buy the car because most cars you buy are the worst investment you make.

Video: Scotty Kilmer, April 16, 2019, Youtube

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