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    Cartoon Corner: Noko Mashaba


    Aug 12, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Mponday August 12, 2019

    *Featured: Ramscomics, ‘Noko Mashaba‘ Series, By Ramscomics, ‘Modimolle Resurrection’, a South African comics, July 10, 2017, Youtube

    Below is a sample of the addictive comic, great review. Check it out: Ramscomics, ‘Student Problems‘, Feb 16, 2017, Youtube.

    And previous acerbic series, ‘How To Steal 16 Million‘, Ramscomic, July 3, 2013, Youtube.

    And observant too…Ramscomics, ‘iNumber Number‘, May 5, 2015, Youtube.

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