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    Case Against Huawei in Canadian Court


    Dec 9, 2018
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    The crown against Huawei? What crown? Unless the ‘crown’ come up with the real reason for the arrest, what’s the whoof?

    Huawei’s new 5G technology. The western world feels threatened as they poach on other national’s talents also? Look at Africa. Why should the west be the only people benefiting from talented scientists around the world? Because of their money? I’m no China fun but this is ridiculous! The trade war is caused by the nebulous Trump and his acolytes, the Germanic tribe, go after them. There’s not going to be any ‘global’ crisis, there’s going to be a shift rather to better markets. Look at Wall Street, who manages that? A lot of Africans in America cannot even dream about competing in the European markets without being called ‘inferior Blacks’.

    Fight, China. Fight Africa. Get your stuffs in the global market too, to alleviate generations of poverty.

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