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    • Modern Tunnel For East Africa Railway

    Modern Tunnel For East Africa Railway

    Ngong Tunnel, Kenya, in the Great Rift Valley

    Land Issues In South Africa Is Economic Issue

    Land As Economics Southern Africans and indeed indigenous populations has had to fight white supremacists, multinational companies headed by whites and other developed countries, where apartheid south Africa whites exploited…

    South Africa’s Bleeding: Malema Fights White Supremacy and White Economic Domination and Whiteness

    Oppenheimer and Rupert, diamond cartel barons in south Africa. Julius Malema protests the grip-hold of above-mentioned men determined to hold on to economic power as if Africans have equal privileges…

    Standing Ovation for China

    Xi Jinping said today in Beijing Conference Sept 3, 2018 with a large African leaders that, “We do not interfer in the internal affairs of African countries, impose our will…

    Fascinating Kantanka Robots Startups

    Watch out China, Ghana Kantanka is coming. Story is in Local Ashanti dialect.

    Fascinating China in Africa

    Check Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, FOCAC, in Beijing Sept 3, 2018

    Malema’s Fight for Economic Justice in south Africa

    A Shared Dream

    A dream that will kill European influence in Africa, I wonder what Ivan van Sertima would have said.

    Local Electricity Invention for Kenyan Village


    Sisal to the Rescue

    Dangote ventures, anyone?