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    • Holiday Ghana: Keta Beach

    Holiday Ghana: Keta Beach

    Togo Woof: Vaudou Game

    Alpha Blondy Of Cote d’Ivoire

    At AfrikaFestival Netherlands Oct 2018. Enjoy!

    Flavor Of Desert Africa Smoking

    An Old Shimmy Shammy Dance On A Saturday To warm Hearts

    Pat Thomas -performs in Netherlands and Germany 2016

    Music: Anderson Paak

    Listen to this cool music by a dude called Anderson Paak and his latest on:

    Black Americans And Africans in America

    I believe African Americans and Diasporan Africans in America should work closely together to success. The best solution is doing business on the continent – Yorbing Staff Who is black…

    A Look at Black Cultural Center, Nova Scotia

    Craig Marshall Smith gives an interview session about life and history of Black Nova Scotians in Canada. Smith is the author of the history book, “The Journey Continues, An Atlantic…

    African Festival Halifax 2018

    Zimbabwean Questions the Harshness of African Life Environment

    So this guy questions the harsh societal environment of an African country , Zimbabwe resonate with lots of aspirants who have talent or have invested heavily in their lives, “all…